Saturday November 28, 2015

About Us

Specialty Reports, Inc. is a subsidiary of Sparta Commercial Services, Inc., a company well known for its consumer financing and leasing products in the powersports industry, and for its Municipal Leasing Program in the local and state governmental equipment leasing market.

Our mission at Specialty Reports is to provide valuable historical damage or salvage information, if any, and other important data to consumers, powersports, auto, and RV dealers that educate, inform, and help all interested parties to make confident decisions about their purchases and sales of a wide variety of vehicles. All of our vehicle history reports also offer a "no hassle" 100% guarantee. And, in the case of our customizable Mobile Apps product, we're dedicated to assisting retail dealers in strengthening their marketing and public awareness activities while providing an excellent way to better connect with their customers and potential customers on an on-going basis.

Welcome to Specialty! We hope our products and services will prove helpful to you!